It’s been a
tough year. 😞

We think your business deserves a little boost.

So we started brainstorming and asking one, simple question – how can we be a part of helping our local business community here in Central Nebraska get back on its feet?

Enter…(wait for it)… the Social Media Toolkit – something you can use to reboot your digital marketing plan and position your business to shine in the months ahead!


The Red Orchid Productions Social Media Toolkit

consists of professional, thoughtful, personalized video content that showcases your company and makes your social media feed stand out from the crowd!



A Total Discount of


How we’ll do it:

  1. An initial one-hour consultation – we’d love to chat with you and your team and learn as much as we can about your business!

  2. Three hours of on-site filming with you and your business to capture those little glimpses of what you do best and how you do it. From stunning exterior shots to shimmering close-ups, we’ll zero in on the moving images that will make you stand out.

  3. Five hours of post-production editing – we’ll find all your best moments, weave them together seamlessly and fill in with licensed music, and titles.

  4. Two hours of video formatting – we’ll curate a library of video content for your company and make sure each video is perfectly optimized for engagement on your social media feeds.


One custom edited social media video

Clip Library
(10-20 video clips of your business for you to use however you like)

Custom graphics / titles
(We will provide any titles or graphics we create as a template and toolbox for you for your own posts.)

We save all creative assets and footage for any future work, giving you a huge head start later πŸ˜‰

Sound good?
We’re so excited to hear your story and help you share it with your potential customers!

Only the first 40 clients will get this package at 40% off!
Let us know if you’re in!