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A Cross Functional Creative Powerhouse 
Our team has a rich skill set. We have Fashion Photographers, Philosophers,
Commercial Producers, Parents, Youth Leaders, Students and Teachers.
We all wear a lot of hats :) But when we come together we have a bit of magic. 


Creative Director | KEARNEY

Tory is a Philosopher, Dreamer and Nerd. He has worked as a promotions producer at NTV and FOX NE, a senior promotions producer at FOX 9 in Minneapolis and taught video production at UNK. He is passionate about art and marketing and is the driving force behind Red Orchid.


Head Storyteller | KEARNEY

Annie breaks, rearranges, fixes and challenges... she polishes up the materials created by the team and gives the final video the Red Orchid seal of approval.


Lighting Designer | OMAHA

Jameson is our “Lighting Guru.” He and Heather are fashion photographers in Omaha. His attention to detail always brings a high end feel to our productions.


Production Designer | OMAHA

Heather along with Jameson is a fashion photographer in Omaha. She brings a sense of style and a genuine love of life to the set :)

.Philosophy • Marketing • ArtGoodness • Truth • Beauty

Inspiring Creativity
We focus on the things that drive community and empower people.
Whether it is a motivating people around a cause or connecting people
to an awesome product. Great stories help make the world a better place.