Our Process

Hand crafted films…lovingly delivered to awesome people:)

1. Discovery

Crafting your story is a big deal. We understand that this is a personal and very important proposition. We are working to present your brand and to help people feel something about your business or organization. Before we start selling you anything we feel it is important to take a step back and get to know you and your business, and to let you get to know us. We like to sit down over a coffee and talk about what you do and what you hope to get out of a video.

Why do you love what you do?

Who is your ideal client?

How should people feel about you?

What are your key distinctions?

2. Strategy

Making a video is easy… Crafting a message is hard… a thoughtful strategy is an art. We believe the way forward in our media saturated age is not more media… but better media. Whether you have a grand plan from an agency, a personal conviction or no idea where to start, we will work together to craft a story for your business.

A Proposal that outlines the scope of work.

Storyboards, scripts, sketches, mockups.

Creative meetings and updates.

Schedules, shot lists, shoot logistics.

3. Creation

Since we have a small team the same people that discovered and strategized the project also make and revise it. This allows us to have a high standard for creative as well as be very efficient.

Video shot by our film crew.

Motion Graphics.

Music and mixing.

Story Edit.

4. Present

Launching a video can seem complicated. Our team can help deliver to broadcast spec, and help navigated the many options for publishing online. If you want we can even pop some popcorn and have a “premiere” at our office.

A hand crafted film :)

Help posting or publishing.

Help tracking plays.

Our attention for future creative.