Kearney Praise Fest 2011 Highlights

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Last month we worked on a promo for Praise Fest in Kearney, NE which took place last Saturday. We were happy to make it out with the kids despite the heat. The organizers for the event did such a great job putting everything together and getting the word out. We had a great afternoon together and enjoyed the praise & worship music with all of the beautiful scenery of Yanney park. We, of coarse, brought a camera and put together some highlights from the day (sprinkled with our cute kids). :) It was a privilege to support this event and we look forward to next year’s (though hopefully cooler). :)

Red Orchid on NTV’s Good Life

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In case you missed it, or live outside NTV’s viewing area here is a recording of our appearance on the Good Life.  Looking at the recording we realized that we were Leslie Means’ last sit-down interview on the show. We talk with Leslie about our “Wedding Films” and what it is like to work as a married couple. Leslie was instrumental in starting the show so it is an honor to be there at the end of an era:)

Also I would like to give a big thank you to Travis and Amanda for letting us use your footage on air. You guys make us look great:)

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